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A simple 1 week protocol

I just know you will relate to some of this story.  Anna was plagued by the belief that this should be the happiest time of her life. In reality, she was worn down. Her hair had never looked worse, her nails were brittle and breaking.  18 months earlier, Anna had a difficult pregnancy during which she gained 20 kilos. She had lost 10 of them but, despite trying workouts and diets, those last 10 kilos were depressingly stubborn. She hated how sluggish and blah she felt.  🙁 

Also, Anna was so confused. Her confidence was dented by her lack of success and the vast amount of conflicting and overlapping health and wellness information she’d found. Is it hormones? Should I do a detox? Should I fast? How? Should I eat meat? Grains? Take supplements? The questions are endless. So are the responses if you ask the internet. 

Do you ever feel this kind of confusion and overwhelm? I want you to know that if you do, you are not alone. Social media makes it worse because it makes it look easy. This is so toxic.

When Anna came to see me, I knew right away: hormone imbalances  and toxins were wreaking havoc. I created a personalised 6-week program for her and before the end, Anna was glowing.  She said she’d never felt or looked better. But, it wasn’t easy and she had a lot of help and guidance from me.

If you relate in any way to how Anna felt, I can give you one piece of advice that you can implement right away: don’t try to do it all at once on your own. It is not as easy as it seems on social media.

Take systematic and digestible steps with a simple goal:  getting started. You don’t have to transform yourself overnight all by yourself.

Try this protocol for 1 week and see how you feel:

Get better quality & more sleep

Exercise, gently, 4 times. Bike, walk, swim, do a pilates or yoga class (in person or online)

No junk food or processed food. Plan a week of homemade meals made with whole food ingredients.

These steps will not on their own solve your hormonal imbalances or rid you of all toxins, but they will make improvements! That’s a start.

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If you’d like to work with me to assess your state of health and have your own personalised program, I work with clients all over the world. You can book with me here

Also – follow the nutritional advice I already gave in my social media posts!

P.S. Hey you skimmer – here’s what you need to know: you don’t need to solve all your health challenges by yourself in one day. Start with simple goals and digestible steps – which I give you above. You can also contact me to make an appointment to deep dive and follow a custom-made program. 

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