In naturopathy, health is a
vibrant state of wellness.

As a naturopath, I provide solutions that target my clients’ whole body health and vitality, so they can be vibrant. This is different from contemporary medicine, where a person’s health is looked at only to heal a specific illness or treat symptoms. These are vastly different approaches.

Naturopathy enables clients to understand and manage themselves and to achieve optimal health in a holistic way. It is an alternative form of medicine based on the healing power of nature.

I teach clients how to achieve and maintain a vibrant state of wellness. Nature provides us the “medicine”.

My approach is the same for an acute illness, a chronic illness, or a general state of unwellness.

As with all things in nature, balance is the key. In humans, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects need to be in balance to heal illness, achieve optimum health, and the state of happiness.

Naturopathy starts with the knowledge that the human body has an innate healing ability. This ability is guided by our innate energy, which we call vital energy. Bodily processes such as metabolism, reproduction, growth, and adaptation are regulated by our vital energy. It is what the ancient medicines call prana, chi, and khi.

As long as our vital energy is flowing freely, and we give ourselves all the nutrients necessary for us to function, the human body is able to heal, repair itself and restore balance. This is what I can help you do: fill your body with the nutrients it needs and show you how to ensure your vital energy is flowing, to restore your balance and let you thrive.

There are 3 main pillars of

I am a devotee of all three

You can get a taste for how naturopathy helps you in my free guide of my top essential oils or in my Health Guides. Links to each one below.
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