Be the healthful & vibrant person you know you can be

Health & Immunity Booster Guide

Start feeling in charge of your health; feel better and more in control

This guide does the planning for you. It empowers you to achieve your health goals using naturopathy and guidance.

  • Top 10 steps to boost your health & immunity & why you want to follow them
  • Top 8 food groups & how much to have & why
  • Top 8 supplements, how to take them, how to find them, plus a discount
  • Bonus: 3 free and delicious health boosting recipes






Healthy living membership

Continuous healthy living made possible

Feeling lonely in your quest for health?  Have trouble keeping on track? Want to do it faster, better and more fun. 

  • Reduce the lonely burden of planning and implementing
  • Achieve and maintain your health goals
  • Menu’s, action plans, hopping lists, recipes and kitchen guidance
  • Tips and encouragement from Dejana
  • Group support with our exclusive member-only Facebook group
  • Once a month with Dejana on different topics and Q&A’s
  • Learn from top international experts
  • Monthly book club on recommended readings in natural health

Detox & Weight Management

Get on the path to successful detox and optimal weight that lasts.

Vibrate health and vitality after 3 weeks with this supportive and guided naturopathic program to detox your body and lose weight. Learn all about what’s good for your body and your mind.

  • Daily menu and action plans
  • Shopping lists, recipes and kitchen guidance
  • Daily tips and encouragement from Dejana
  • Group support with our exclusive member-only Facebook group


Take your Ramadan fasting to a whole new level and reboot your health.

Get real health results out of the discipline and effort you put into Ramadan fasting. No thinking or planning on your part! I’ve got the details sorted out in this accessible program.

  • Modular Ramadan detox program you can apply right away and adapt it to the duration you want, I’ll help you.
  • 3 levels: beginners, intermediate & advanced
  • Complete physical, emotional and spiritual detox and health reboot
  •  1-10 days of deep detox 
  • Sunset to sunrise meal plans, shopping lists, yummy easy recipes
  • Facebook group (I’ll be there daily!) I want you to get RESULTS.

PRICE : £195


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