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What do I do?

Want to feel much better within weeks?  Want to feel more and more confident and excited about your health, feel more energy, or get rid of your persistent aches and pains?

Had enough of the impression that you’re always two steps behind at looking after yourself?

I know the feeling. I understand your struggle. I was in your shoes and know how important it is for you to understand your health concerns and to have the tools and support to resolve them.

You want that feeling of being at your optimum health and vitality. You want to believe getting and staying there is within your control.

Maybe you have a specific health problem or you sense an overall lack of vitality. If you’re discouraged by having tried so many methods that didn’t work – or didn’t stick – you are in the right place.

I’m a naturopath and, for over a decade, I have helped hundreds of clients feel better and achieve their health goals.

I provide solutions for people faced with a range of health concerns, such as chronic fatigue, excess weight, and digestive issues. I also help clients with serious health conditions such as diabetes, other autoimmune disorders, and complex illnesses. I help my clients take control of their health and vitality.


In a nutshell, I provide structured plans and lots of support and information to immediately impact how you feel, help you shed any stubborn weight, and develop and maintain healthier habits for the long term. I build up your knowledge, self-reliance, and confidence.

I have the solutions to your struggles.
And, I know they work because I see results with my clients!


My tools and methodologies are the result of over 10 years of experience culminating in a profound understanding of my clients’ needs and challenges. They are unique and infused with my drive to use nature for healing and thriving.

I am a naturopath, so it’s no surprise that my tools and programs combine nutrition, natural supplements, herbs, and lifestyle. I also add a dose of confidence: I know you can be successful, and I know how.

My methods are tailored to your needs and objectives. They emphasize teaching, goal-setting, and structured support.

I will put you on a structured and guided path away from frustration and insecurities about your physical self and your health. The result is that you will achieve greater vitality, greater knowledge about yourself, and more control over how you feel and look.

You will finish with a level of energy you have long since forgotten is possible.

I will give you tools, knowledge, and support, so you can have the ability and fortitude to change, feel better, and regain the health of your teenage years.

dejana’s story

Since 2011 I have helped hundreds of people heal, feel better, and be more in control of their bodies and their health through consultations, workshops, and conferences.

I spent the first 15 years of my career as an architect working on major projects in the UK, Canada, France, and Belgium.

I studied biology and then naturopathy when persistent struggles with my health (chronic fatigue) and my son’s health (asthma and allergies) clinched a longtime passion for human health, nature and, internal balance.

During my transition from architect to naturopath, I also studied yoga, reiki, quantum physics, reflexology, acupressure, and meditation. I was determined to deeply understand the factors that contribute to human healing and to achieving optimum health.

I started my naturopathy practice in Bahrain, and became known for enabling people to achieve a whole new level of health. In addition to my busy practice, I held popular talks and workshops where I taught the essentials of healthy lifestyle, eating and cooking. Then, I moved back to France. Now I see clients at my clinic in Biarritz and also from all over the world on video.

In recent years, I have continued to study and work with my naturopathy professor and mentor (Professor Jauvais, famous in France for his close collaboration of over 30 years with Professor Marchesseau, the father of French Naturopathy) to create and teach courses in naturopathy.

I primarily help my clients through my custom-made health packages. For special cases, it’s consultation by consultation. When there’s not a pandemic, I give workshops and teach at conferences on all manner of subjects. I also make incredibly in-depth health guides, which you can subscribe for here.

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