Dejana’s recommendations on all things natural

I get so many questions regarding supplements and other products to support a naturopathic and healthy lifestyle. These questions reflect the uncertainty of what products to buy and why. My clients always want to know:

  • Do we really need supplements? Yes! From time to time, when  you are not in balance, supplements can make all the difference.
  • What supplements should we buy? There are so many supplements out there and the vast majority I wouldn’t recommend!
  • Where can I find your recommendations? This shop is all about making this part as easy for you as possible!

In the Dejana Naturally shop you will be able to find products available for purchase directly from this website.

In the recommended vendors area, you will find direct links to products that I have been using for years and highly recommend to my clients.  The links include a special Dejana Naturally discount.


Baby Carrier

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Water Structuring

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Other Health Tools

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