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How to detoxify your kidneys

Couple of months ago, my husband Pierre woke up with agonising pain in the lower back.  For someone that is never sick, has not seen a doctor in more than a decade, when I heard him screaming with pain, I knew this was not to be taken lightly and a call for an ambulance was necessary.

It turned out, there was a small kidney stone that was blocking the flow of urine out of the kidney into the bladder.

Long story short, three hours of agonising paintwo days in hospital, two general anaesthesias, two interventions and 3 weeks of good discomfort. 

All that could have been avoided with some quality prevention.

You may or may have not heard me talk about prevention.  I go on and on. 😎 😵‍💫

But if you ever had kidney stones, you will understand when I tell you that “this is more painful than having a baby!” It is damn painful.

All I can tell you now, is that my dear hubby is sold on prevention! 😁 😁 😁 .  

The kidneys are amazing little organs.
Each day, they process about 200 l of blood, getting rid of excess water and waste products, removing toxins and keeping the body functioning smoothly.
As you have seen previously, the kidneys take care of the crystals, which are water soluble and create inflammation and structural damage.
Crystals come from  animal proteins, dairy, alcohol, coffee, tea, cocoa, wine, refined sugars, sweets and fructose.

Some of the signs of kidney overload:

➡️  any type of infection such as UTI’s (urinary tract infection)
➡️  fluid retention
➡️  joint problems
➡️  muscle spasms
➡️  kidney stones
➡️  gout
➡️  urticaria
➡️  eczema
➡️  psoriasis
➡️  lower back pain

My favourite herbs and botanicals for kidneys are:

1️⃣  Parsley tea
This is something you can do regularly in fact, even if it means simply adding parsley to your soup 5 min before it is cooked.  The boiled parsley tea combines with each component of the group of malonic acids and eliminates them.

2️⃣  Dandelion leaf
is an excellent source of potassium, a mineral and electrolyte that helps the kidney filter toxins more effectively and improve blood flow.
3️⃣  Stinging nettle
has been used for centuries as a kidney remedy and healing herb. Prepare the same way as Parsley tea.
4️⃣  Celery juice
improves kidney function and it is considered a kidney tonic.

5️⃣  Aloe vera
Helps reduce urinary crystals.

Nutrients for kidneys

➡️  Ginger and Uva Ursi remove the methylmalonic acid that clogs the kidneys. This substance is also the cause of kidney failure and kidney cystitis.
➡️  Vitamin B6 and magnesium taken daily can prevent the formation of oxalate (kidney) stones.
➡️  Vitamin E is beneficial for lowering calcium-oxalate levels.  Take 200 IU for 3 weeks.
➡️  Cranberry extract reduces urinary calcium levels.  Beware of cranberry juice, it is too high on sugar.

Dejana’s recommendations:

➡️  Drink more than 1 l of Parsley tea / day or min 0.5 l of celery juice.

➡️  Perform kidney cleansing, if possible, twice a year.  Click below to download my 3 week protocol.

➡️  For general health, 3 weeks of kidney cleansing is enough.  For better results, if you have more important problems, it may be advisable to clean the kidneys for six weeks or more.

➡️  It is advisable to stop tea, chocolate and cocoa for at least the duration of kidney cleansing because these products, which have a high content of oxalic acids, can participate in the formation of oxalate stones.

➡️  Other foods you may wish to reduce or avoid are : red meat, beans, sugars, salt, fructose and of course alcohol.

➡️  Finally, remember that phosphate crystals form when you absorb too much phosphate. This is the case for example sweetened soft drinks, famous for containing a high dose of phosphoric acid. Coca-Cola would contain up to 570 mg of phosphoric acid per can!


And remember, 1-2x / year if you are prone to kidney stones, gout or know these are your weak organs.

1x/ year or 1x every two years as general maintenance and prevention.


Love and light ✨

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