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Support your filters with these amazing supplements

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So, Mimi’s doing a little better thanks to finally starting to look after her filters – you know, those actionable tips that I shared in my previous post, to support your five natural detox filters.

In fact, Mimi’s starting to feel more clear headed and confident about continuing her detoxing-by-fasting efforts. If you’re fasting right now, and you followed my advice, you’re probably already feeling good. If not, it’s not too late!?

Not fasting?

You don’t need to be fasting or detoxing to spare a thought and an effort for your natural filters.

Did you have an overly indulgent weekend? Trying to eat a little better this week? Good! Remember your filters while you’re at it. Go back and read that last post with its easily actionable tips!

Time for the next level —> support your filters with these amazing supplements.

If you are fasting and want to take your detoxing to the next level, support your filters and improve their effectiveness with these excellent supplements. They are extraordinary for detoxification. I prescribe these to clients often.

There are 3 levels for you, depending on how much you want to do: easy, medium and pro.
All 3 levels will help you detox and increase your vitality. You choose whichever one works best for you. :

Click on the image below to download

Clicking the name of each product in the table will take you straight to the product’s webpage. Enter code 0397741 for Energetica & S1WBXX7Q for Oronalys to ensure you get 10% discount.

If you live in the Middle East, when ordering these products online, make sure you enter your European courrier address, or contact us to put you in touch with them for direct Fedex shipping.

These products are totally natural & top of the range! ORONALYS ‘s website is in English and ENERGETICA has not yet translated theirs but they’re working on it. In the meantime if your school-days French lessons don’t help you, Google Translate will!

Also – follow the nutritional advice I already gave in my social media posts!

If you put into action most or all of these tips, you will start to feel better very quickly.

Next blogpost: a fasting protocol for you to follow to get the most health and detox benefits.

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