The toxins will have their heyday!

Don’t let them! Here’s how to use fasting to detox your way to vitality and vibrancy.

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So, Mimi is on her third day of fasting, and she’s totally miserable. She’s very tired, has no energy, her brain is completely foggy, and she is SO irritable. She can’t stop snapping at everyone around her.

Mimi is fantasising about bread, rice and cookies and it is bordering on obsessive. Every 30 seconds she considers abandoning her health goals.

It doesn’t help that she also feels like she’s sinking into a deep, dark mental pit. When she’s not obsessing about cakes and egg-mayonnaise sandwiches, she’s questioning her existence. Why am I here? Does anyone actually love me? Does anyone care?

Toxins are having a heyday!

If you’re fasting right now, or you’ve tried it before, these symptoms may sound very familiar!

Mimi is like every client I’ve ever taken through a detox. The toxin storm happening to her is very typical early in any type of fast.

Her toxin load is at its highest and her overwhelmed body is working overtime to clean up.

In the meantime, the toxins wreak havoc.

Filters to the rescue!

I strongly encourage you to detox your way to vitality and vibrancy! And, to use fasting to do it! But, you must do it right, or you will suffer needlessly.

You have amazing built-in filters. During an intense detox, like fasting, the filters get overloaded. The good news is, you can help them!

You have 5 filters. Look after them with these simple steps:

  • Liver – by far THE MOST IMPORTANT filter. It works overtime during any fast. Help it by eating lots of bitter leaves or drinking beetroot juice and bitter leaf herbal teas AND reduce the burden on it by supporting your other filters.
  • Kidneys – very important to drink lots of water to support your kidneys. Drink 2-4 litres each day of your fast!
  • Intestines – Remember this is the core of your health and your immune system. Make sure that between sunset and sunrise you give them one or all of the following: lots of fibres from fruits & veggies, chia seeds or ground flaxseeds AND some probiotic foods such as kombucha or miso soup.
  • Skin – dry brushing is a great way to help this filter AND support your kidneys. Using a good natural skin brush, on dry skin before taking a shower or before bed, brush lengthwise towards underarms and groin.
  • Lungs – do 3 sets of 20 pranayama Bhastrika breaths, with 1 minute of rest in between. Every day! See the demonstration in this video.
Also – follow the nutritional advice I already gave in my Instagram posts!

If you put into action most or all of these tips, you will start to feel better very quickly.

I like to tell my clients to write down how they felt on day 1 and 2 of a detox/fasting program and then again on day 4. It’s a great way to get clarity on the radical improvements you could be feeling.

Leave a comment below and I will respond, I promise! I’m so interested to hear your thoughts.


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