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The Fundamental cause of all diseases

I didn’t know it yet, but I had come to the end of a 15 year career as an architect. And, it was all because of her.

As she listed off her symptoms :

“debilitatingly tired,

swollen hands and

painful hands and feet in the morning,

and so on”

I checked each one off in my head.

“Yes…that’s me, and that, and … yup, and that’s me, too….”

What a relief!

A relief you ask? Let me explain.

When I had my second child, beautiful Eva I was experiencing a level of exhaustion I didn’t even know was possible. I could barely enjoy beautiful Eva. And, I was worried sick about Nicolas. Nicolas was two years old and heavily medicated due to his repeated asthma attacks.

When I asked doctors about my extreme fatigue I was told, “it is normal, you have two small children, you are not sleeping enough”.

Are you kidding me?! I was sleeping every chance I got!

I was asleep before my head could hit the pillow! But I never, ever woke up feeling rested.

I knew something was wrong with me. All of my instincts told me to keep an open mind and keep digging.

Desperate for solutions, I stumbled on a talk. It was one of those talks that changes your life.

When the speaker began, I quickly rejoiced inside. Yes! Someone finally understands me!

She began by telling her story:

” At 38, she was chronically tired and plagued by endless miserable symptoms like mine, and that

this was absolutely NOT normal “.

She went on to talk about the causes (intolerances, allergies, poor gut health) and the solutions: improving gut health and two tools to fast track that goal.

My personal revolution had begun.

At that point I realised two things:
I was really NOT WELL, and this was NOT NORMAL and
if I did not do anything about it in a few years, I will really be handicapped…

The mere though of this should have been depressing.

But no, I was on fire!!

She was talking about solutions: cleaning and the powerful secret of

enemas and fasting .

I could not wait to try.

A week later, after having read all the books I could lay my hands on (This was 2003, Google was just starting), I was fasting.

Short to tell you, the 3rd day, I almost ended up in the emergency.

I made a few classic mistakes, but on the 5th day, I was feeling better, so I decided I would go out as usual and take my children to the park. The park was at the end of a long street that was going uphill. With my son in the pram and my newly born daughter on my back in a baby carrier, normally I had to pause a few times, and once in the park, I had to sit on the bench for at least 10 minutes to make sure I did not faint.

But this time,

I almost ran uphill and had a feeling I could run a marathon!!

In only 5 days !!

Can you imagine ?

So, what happened..!?

I knew I stumbled on something so important.

In just 5 days I went from

chronically tired to a vibrant state of health !!!

Perhaps you have guessed it by now..?

I did not know it then, but I stumbled on a cure for one of the two fundamental causes of all diseases (not just one or two, but ALL diseases, and, by saying that, I mean, from a simple cold to the most complex cancer!)


That was the beginning of my and Nicholas’ healing journey and my personal journey towards my mission in life. More about this some other time.

I want to tell all about this first fundamental cause of all diseases –

TOXICITY and the solution – DETOXING.

I know, I know, there is SO much noise at the moment about detoxing. Just about anybody has something to say .

Are you not confused?

I know I would be if I was not a naturopath.

I do see quite a lot of damage done by these misconceptions, which is why,  I decided to show you :  

➡️  Why it is important to personalise your detox

➡️  Why YOU should NOT necessarily be detoxing the same way as your friend, your partner or even as your twin brother or sister,

➡️  What is the right way, and for whom

➡️  What is really important about detoxing that hardly anyone tells you

➡️  How will YOU  know what YOU need to detox and when

➡️  What are some most common signs of toxicity and inappropriate detoxing

➡️  What are some common toxins you need to worry about 

Stay tuned and read my next post about types of toxins and their cleaning pathways.

Until then,

Love and light ✨

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