The Balance
between in & out

The basic principle of how all living creatures function

The human body is pretty amazing.
Think about it.  It performs perfectly billions of incredibly complex functions, daily.
Just the brain performs more than 100,000 chemical reactions per second! 
In reality, all most sophisticated things in this life are very simple.
The modern medicine looks at our body it in a very detailed way. It all seems so complicated.
Yet, when we just take a few steps backward, it is easy to appreciate the beauty and understand the simplicity.

Today I would like to show you the basic principle of how all living creatures function.  This principle I call


It will enable you to understand my next email in which I will show you what YOU need to do to stay healthy and vibrant.  Possibly loose a few kg’s if that is what you wish.

I do not know about you, but I like to use analogies when I try to explain in a simple way something that we perceive as complicated.

Think about your car, as opposed to your body.

It needs fuel to function.  Everything that lives on this planet, including us human beings, need food in order to function.

The fuel that has not been used for energy production, will come out via the exhaust as gas.  
Our body will use 5 different routes or filters to remove the waste :
➡️  pre-filtering will be done mainly by the chef (the liver) and then the waste will continue to exit via 
➡️  the stool (intestine),
➡️  urine (kidneys),
➡️  sweat (skin) or
➡️  breath (lungs).
The process is even more sophisticated than that. Each type of waste is sent via a different route or filter. 
The car can run on diesel or gasoline.  This means that the fuel needs to be adequate with regard to the motor of the car.
Each species of living creatures on this planet has a group of foods its digestive system is designed to process.  We call these “specific foods”.  You will hear me use this term over and over. For us, the human beings, there are 5 groups of these specific foods : fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds & proteins.
If you put too little fuel, you will not go far.  Lack of nutrients or deficiencies is the 2nd most fundamental cause of illness – more about this next month.
If you put the wrong fuel, the car will quickly stop.
It is estimated that  the typical western diet contains as high as 80-90% of the wrong fuel.  It is made up of grains, dairy, refined sugars, coffee, tea, alcohol, processed foods and drink, fried foods…the list is long.  We are very lucky to have a rather sophisticated car taking us through this life, even after years of abuse, it could still be running.  Badly, with the help of different medications, but still running.
If the quality of the fuel is not that great, you will need to clean the car regularly otherwise some parts may need to be changed. 
The quality is absolutely important.  A lot of us take more care of what we put into our car or our house, than what we put into our body!  GMO foods, foods denaturalised by high temperatures & frying methods, foods that are not fresh, have lots of additives, colorants, taste enhancers, you name it. So when the quality is not good, our organs and system suffer and we need to take them out, mend them or help them with medication for the rest of our life.
Here are a just a few examples: removal of gallbladder, appendix, kidney, thyroid, high blood pressure medication for life, heart surgeries, bypasses, …
This car we have been given in this life to move through it is in fact designed to perform perfectly until it is time to leave, providing we take care of it along the way.
Yes, Dejana, cancers, all these surgeries, medications we take when we get old – is NOT normal.  It is not part of the initial software.  If we learn how to take care of our body, it is designed to just die naturally, from old age, without any particular illness.
From time to time, even with the best fuel you still need to give your car a good clean.  Take it for regular maintenance.
Now we are talking.
I want you to know, that our body has a very sophisticated detoxification system.  When the fuel is right, great quality and the right quantitiy, all we need to do is take this body for a regular cleanse from time to time. That’s right, take it for regular maintenance. 
All religions and cultures have understood this and included very specific fasting periods yearly.  These are the “spring cleanings” of your house or what we call a DETOXes.  This is what will keep YOU healthy and vibrant throughout this journey we call life.

To resume.

  1. What YOU put inside YOUR body that has not been used for energy, has to come OUT!  This is the simple principle of “THE BALANCE BETWEEN IN & OUT”.
  2. What has not come out, needs to be cleaned regularly so that the machinery stays clean and performs perfectly all the time until the end.

Stay tuned, because  I will show you the types of waste we process through our body, how to recognise which way they need to come out and which type of filter you need to clean to help this process.


Until then,

Love and light ✨

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