Make your wishes come true

I do not know about you friend, but I do SO love this time of the year, for so many reasons.

When the New Year is almost at our doorstep, I cannot help to feel that somehow,

it is a new, fresh start,

a new page, that enables me to refocus, restructure and see how I can make everything in my life

more harmonious,
more in line of my earthly mission,
even more filled with love, gratitude and humbleness, but also how I can
become an even better version of myself and
improve the way I help all of you reach your health goals, naturally.

It is a time to think about
new resolutions,
time to get creative, and
time to connect more with the ones we love and cherish,
the ones that make our hearts grow, even more.

Then again, it is also probably the time when you will
fall of the wagon 🤪 (and that is perfectly OK!), more that you would like to,
eat and drink more than usual, and to
 make promises to yourselves to “detox” right after it is all over!

Time to see

where YOU are on our Continuous Healthy Living, Naturally of course,
where you want to be at the end of this 2023 year

and most importantly…:

where YOU are in your journey towards YOUR mission in life.

In Naturopathy, we say that:
If you are out of balance, this is your SOUL telling that you are not on the right path with regard to your mission in life?

Does that make sense, to you friend?

It sure did not to me, many years ago.

I would have certainly replied:

WHAT!!?? Mission in Life!?  What are you talking about !?

So, friend,
Do YOU know what it is YOU are meant to be doing in this lifetime?

Are you on that journey yet? 

Already there ?

Haven’t got a clue?

More than 15 years ago, when I was still an Architect 👩‍💼, at the top of my successful career, someone gave me a Wish List to do.  Very much intrigued by it at the time, I did it right away, and then left it in a notebook, and completely forgot about it.

Several years after, during one of our many house moves, this list fell out of that old notebook, and I was stunned by what I saw.
I got the goose bumps as I was reading through this list.  Absolutely amazing, I thought.

Almost ALL of the 10 wishes that I noted down on that piece of paper came true!

Not just 2-3 , but practically all 10.

By that time I was already a Naturopath and what was most interesting was that, at the time I wrote the list, I never even dreamed of changing my career.

My career was going really well. I think, I did not even know what a naturopath was at the time, but I knew exactly, what I wanted.

And this was: I wanted to

be in relationships that I call “soul to soul”

In relationships where you say to the other:  “I see you.”
Working in big company structures and top architectural firms there was a lot of politics, ego and power oriented relationships.  And although I loved what I did and had an amazing senior partner that protected me from a lot of these unpleasant sides of my working life, deep down inside, I no longer wanted to be part of that world…

have more time with my children

Which meant deciding when I wanted to work and when I did not. To achieve this I needed to work for myself but I had no intention of becoming a solo architect. I was managing big scale projects and that is what I loved and was very good at doing. I really had to carry on working for big Architectural firms but I really wanted to be able to decide when I was free and when I was not. It was important for me as my children were small and I wanted to be able to be with them and enjoy them on their school holidays. My holidays were always based on the schedules of the projects I was working on, and not on my personal agenda.

be able to manage my own health and my family’s naturally and getting rid of the “fear” that they may fall sick again

This meant I needed to be confident that we were always in optimum health.

be more in contact with nature and everything that was natural

The list was long but these were the first and most important 5 wishes.

As I was looking at this list, I knew with certainty that this was no accident.  This list shifted me to my real mission in life.

You see, while my son was suffering from violent asthma attacks at that time, I was desperately looking for answers and found them eventually, but it took me a few years to piece it all together.  At that time Google was very new, and basically there was very little information out there on natural health solutions.

So, when I cracked it and finally decided to become a naturopath, I knew that what I really wanted to do was :

help others find solutions, information,
and tools to enable them to reach their optimal health quickly.

Since that day when my Wish List fell out of my old notebook, I started to prescribe this exercise to most of my clients and saw not just their lives and the lives of their families transformed, but their own health transformed too!

Although, few years later many versions of this exercise came out, I found that (perhaps this was the “sentimental part of me that was biased 😉)  this particular version gave my clients the best results.

So, here it is. 

It looks very simple and ordinary, but make no mistake, it is extremely powerful.  Make sure however, that what you wish for, is indeed what you want. 

Try it out and then let me know in a few months how your life and health evolved.  

If you have already done it, do not hesitate to do it again.  And if you have never done it, I warmly recommend it as a” before New Year’s Eve exercise” that way when the clock strikes 12 midnight, you will know what to wish for.

Dejana Naturally is wishing you

an amazingly healthy New 2023 Year,

full of joy, love, happiness and…

yes, you guessed it,

I wish that it brings you even closer

to that true mission in your life,

whatever that may be…

Back with you in the New Year!

Love & light, Dejana ✨

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