Together we will get you feeling and looking better and healing

It is so frightening and lonely to be faced with a serious health problem. Conventional medicine may be playing an important role in managing your problem, but I feel pretty confident saying that it doesn’t help you feel like you’re less alone, and certainly it doesn’t make you feel that you are thriving. For some of you, conventional medicine is completely failing you.

I know how to bring you back into a state of holistic balance and give you a clear and personalised path to optimal vitality all the while reducing or even eliminating your symptoms.

I don’t promise miracles, just a steady hand, lots of support, and the knowledge and experience that comes from having brought life-changing solutions to many clients with serious health conditions.

You are suffering, feeling alone, and sometimes feel that there is no way out. I can give you a path to rediscover vitality. I can help you believe in a vision of a future you who is thriving.

This is for you if you have a complex or serious health problem

You could be suffering from any number of autoimmune diseases or chronic illnesses. I have treated people with diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, obesity, cancer, fibromyalgia… . The list goes on.

We will be in on this together. Your part will be bringing determination, discipline, and organisation to the program. I will take care of the tools, information, meal plans, shopping plans, and so much more.

Through an intensively nutritious diet and targeted supplements you will begin to notice improvements very quickly. And, it’s not just about food and supplements. We will work on adapting your lifestyle through mindful exercise and activities that will work in tandem with the nutrition, to gradually help heal you.

Major progress on the path to your optimal vitality is possible with my naturopathic approach to bringing the whole of you into a healing balance

vitality and healing

An intensive 6-month program in 3 stages:

Thorough assessment of and feedback on your whole-body state of health with identification of targets for your healing process

Creation of a detailed naturopathic plan, including tools and information that will help you implement it

Implementation of the plan, with support along the way



Once you’ve decided to go forward with the program you will complete a questionnaire to complete the first step in my assessment process. Other parts of the assessment include:

An iridology exam
A physioscan exam
An initial 60-90 minute consultation


Next, I will analyse the information I will have gathered to create your:

Health assessment
Full diet and supplement program
Lifestyle program

You will receive these in advance of our second consultation, when we will go through it all together
In the subsequent weeks you will receive information and tools that I have made to to help you  succeed and enjoy the adventure of this program

We will meet 10 days after you have begun the program


And from there on we will meet every 2 weeks for 20 minutes so I can guide you through any concerns or problems you have run into and update your program as necessary along the way.

vitality & Healing

£ 1.400,00

vitality & Healing

upgrade from the Private Consultation Combo

£ 735,00

vitality & Healing

upgrade from the Private Consultation

£ 980,00

vitality & Healing
in Bahrain

BD 650,00

Dear client,
it’s important to note that in order for your booking to be saved you need to pay a deposit, once you have chosen a date & a time. This deposit of 100 BD (£215) will be deducted from your total fee amount and the remainder (550 BD) you can settle during your consultation.

If you prefer to pay by wire transfer or Benefit pay, this is also possible. Bank details are below. In this case, your booking time and a date will not be saved.
Bank Details:

PO Box 6201
Coventry CV3 9HW
United Kindgom

IBAN: GB92 HBUK 4004 0912 3160 05
SORT CODE: 40-04-09

Once you’ve completed the transfer it is essential that you email me the confirmation of payment. I will then send you an email with a link to make a new booking online.

Do note that I have a cancellation/rescheduling policy, therefore should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, do so at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance in order to avoid cancellation fees equivalent to your booking deposit.

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