No 4. The 80 % – 20 % rule

Question for you. See the below simple guideline for making good healthy-living choices?

Does it seem doable to you?

  • Vegetables and fruits 70%

  • Proteins 10 %

  • Nuts and seeds 10%

  • Quality fats 10 %

Perhaps all those percentages and restrictive-seeming numbers make you feel 😵‍💫.

As handy as it may be, it’s not natural (or easy) for anyone to look at their plate and give themselves a high-five because the proportions are just right!

But, remember, it’s a guideline. No need for scales, or calorie calculators, or rulers … please!

How to use it, then?

In a nutshell, keep the proportions in mind and use your common sense.

And, as always, remember the 80%-20% rule (80% of the time my choices are the healthy ones, 20% of the time I make choices that give me pleasure and are not necessarily healthy).

So, 80% of the time, the vast majority of what you consume daily should be plant-based! (There’s a reason 3 of the four categories above are green 😁.) The rest of your day’s intake should be made up of proteins. Frequently include easier-to-digest fish, eggs, seafood and vegetable proteins. If you love red meat and poultry, enjoy it when you have it, but don’t have it every day.

(If you are really sporty, you will need to increase this category.)

Don’t forget! In my last two letters I shared daily menu structures that will help you plan out more precisely what you will eat and for which meal.

A word on those quality fats. Let them make your vegetables scrumptious!Use delicious olive oil as a drizzle over sliced up raw veggies or use it to lightly sauté them. Then add a squeeze of lemon and some chopped cashews, a sprinkle of salt and yum! Toast the cashews for an extra pop of flavour.

Nuts and seeds are also great for when you feel hungry mid-afternoon, or to mix with your fruit smoothies to add the much-needed glucose-stabilising fat and protein.

In my last two newsletters I gave you some daily menu structures for planning your weekly meals (at least the ones you eat at home or pack up and take with you). On Instagram I’ve been trying to inspire you with lots of ideas for enjoying ever more vegetables and plants.

With this week’s guide you’ve got what you need to feel confident about your healthy-living diet choices.

You are what you eat! What you eat is what your cells become. Cells make tissues, tissues make organs and that all makes …. YOU!

Bon appetit!

Love & light, Dejana ✨

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