Slimming Tea

Slimming Tea

HELPS PROMOTE WEIGHT LOSS – Our all-natural blend will boost the metabolism, restore your natural filter functions, neutralise oxidants and help to reduce the fat content, and is ideal for the weight-loss.

IDEAL FOR BEFORE OR DUING A HEALTH AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS  – Alleviates the discomforts of toxin accumulation by burning the fat and boosting the metabolism.

FORMULATED BY A DEJANA NATURALLY  – This highly effective tea blend was developed after a more than a decade of experience working with herbs.  Great flavor.


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250 mg of 100% herbal tea

Serving size per tea bag: 25

Other ingredients: None  

Directions for use:
Serving size 2 tbsp (≈ 10g)

Put 2 tbsp of tea in 1l of cold water. Let it boil for a few seconds, turn the heat off, cover and infuse for 10 minutes. Filter and drink.


Fucus, Buckthorn, Bean pod, Green tea, Green anise, Warbler mint, Meadowsweet, Passionflower, Carob, Lemon peel, Witch Hazel


Ecological packaging, containing only the finest and most potent ingredients from around the world.

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