Health & Vitality


Ready for an adventure into the (re)discovery of you?

That’s what this is about: intensive refocusing on you and rediscovering of you. We do this by first identifying the imbalances in your body that are causing your health problems and then creating a strategy to get you back into balance and full health.

From there, you to take the strategy and dive head-first into a 3-month experience that will bring you to the level of health and vitality you possibly have never experienced or at least not since a long time . In the end, you will know exactly what makes you thrive and brings you true joy and happiness.

1:1 support

via a Private 3-month program

While many people thrive in a group setting where they can lean on and learn from each other, I know some of you want privacy and prefer to work independently with some 1:1 support.

If this sounds like you, this program is for you.

It is also for you if you have done a program with me more than two years ago, and you really need to start from scratch.

I do encourage you also to look at my online programs, before you jump on board with the Private Consultatio Program. If you’re still sure the private program is for you, then it’s time to dive into the adventure awaiting you!

OK, it is hard to make major changes in your life. We all find it challenging to put comfortable habits away. But, it can be fun too.

Fun? Yes! Because, it’s an adventure: a discovery of you.

Working with me means embarking on an adventure of learning more about yourself; enjoy it!

How it works

This is for you if you are independent, determined and disciplined. I will do all the analysis and give you all the tools you need to radically transform and improve your health. You will be loaded up with information, tools, plans, schedules and everything else you need to follow a 3-month path to achieving the health goal(s) that you have for yourself and that we set together.

If you have a diagnosed illness or you feel you have a specific health concern, I will address that in my assessment and in the personalised protocol you will receive.

Here’s what you get from a Health & Vitality Program


Innitial 60 minute consultation that you will leave with a concrete understanding of your state of health and the path you will follow to optimise it. This consultation includes:

Detailed questionnaire, prior to consultation, giving me as much advance information about you as possible
An iridology exam
A Physioscan exam


An explanation of your health problem(s) and an understanding of how you got to be in this state


A personalised health assessment detailing the changes you can make that will bring you to a profound state of health


An objective timeline


A personalised health protocol including:

A diet plan and a table of foods to eliminate, reduce and prioritise

A full supplements plan, lifestyle changes + one follow up consultation (1-4 months later)



Practical tools and information to support your implementation schedule and to support you in changing your eating and thought patterns


Recommendations for how to continue at the end of the protocol, to deal with any other health imbalance that I identified in the assessment process

Do note, this program will really work wonders for you if you are ready to take a detailed and personalised plan and run with it for two months. Afterwards, you may want to touch base with me again, in which case you can book a Mini Consultation. Some of you won’t need that at all.

Also, it’s important to note that if you are dealing with a complex or serious health problem, this may not be sufficient. In this case, I will recommend the Vitality and Healing program for you. I can let you know this once I’ve seen your questionnaire. 

I teach my clients, I don’t just give them instructions. I believe knowledge is both comfort and a part of the adventure.

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