Revisit, reboot, restart

Deep dive into specific health issues or naturopathic subjects. Or, perhaps you’ve been thinking it’s time for reboot, and you’d like some help and direction getting going.

Whatever the reason, you’ve completed a program with me sometime in the past 2 years* and you’re looking for some help from me.

Part coaching, part advice and protocol tweaking, a mini-consultation is just what you need.

*if it’s been more than two years since our last meeting, you’ll need to participate in the program designed for new clients.

We all need a little redirecting or a boost from a trusted source from time to time. This is what the mini consultation is all about!

How it works

In this 50 minute face-to-face consultation we will get to the bottom of what you need. To ensure we cover the bases, we will start with:

Your part: ** a short questionnaire that will update me about your current state of health and wellness. It will also identify what your goals are for the meeting .


My part: I’ll review the questionnaire, look over your file to update myself as to where you were when we last met and re-test you.  You will receive a new revised health protocol and, if necessary, new dietary recommendations, 5-10 days after this consultation.

** This way, when we meet we will be able to make the most of our time together to cover what you want to explore. 

You’re looking for some in-depth information about a new health or wellness issue. Or, perhaps you’d like to tweak your nutritional and supplement regime to new circumstances, such as aging, menopause, or a reduction in energy levels.

Or, maybe you want to be motivated to reinforce the health gains you achieved when we last worked together, and even tweak things to suit new goals. 

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