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21-day step by step guide

I remember what it was like, as a child, when a guaranteed solid night’s sleep was an irritation! I wanted it to be morning so I could leap out of bed to have another great day. The energy back then…always buzzing.

And, I remember when I didn’t feel that way. Instead: collapsing into exhausted sleep to get through a guaranteed unfulfilling night’s sleep; dragging myself out of bed in the morning. No more buzzing energy.

When did we forget to wake up with a body fresh, pain-free, and full of positive energy that stays throughout the day?
That we could wake up in the morning energetic and excited for the day? When did the worry about our bodies and health and fears of being debilitated in the future by today’s small problems become totally ingrained in our daily thoughts?

15 years ago, I set out to answer these questions for myself.
Now I’m a naturopath on a mission.

Everything I’ve learned to be the essentials of living once again with the energy and vibrancy of your youth is packed into this online program. This is naturopathy at its best: a two-week program of nutrition, supplemental, mental health, and movement strategy to transform you physically, mentally, and energetically.

You’re here because you have the feeling of running around in a circle in every aspect of your health and vitality. You never feel as though you fully grasp the path to success.

Taking into account more than 12 years of client successes, failures, their feedback and my knowledge, my Health & Vitality Essentials online program will bring you the best of everything I’ve learned.

With this program, you can rediscover:

A body that is vibrant, healthy, fearless, in less pain.

A spirit that is so alive, present, calm, and happy with life’s beautiful little things.

A soul that is calm, grounded, and in touch with the real you

A healing path that improves or even resolves persistent health concerns

You’re here because you no longer want to try to figure out how to do this on your own.

tim’s story

 Tim was 45 years old, 1.8 m tall, and weighed 160 kilos. He was depressed, stressed, anxious, burnt out, and fully determined to try to fix himself.  So, he followed my program, including committing to work on the emotional and energetical sides of himself. Within 8 months his whole life radically changed! He lost 45 kilos, discovered swimming, left a toxic relationship, and found a new partner. I invited him to speak at one of my first talks, and he glowed and radiated health, vitality and fulfilment while he told his story!

The change in Tim’s life was so extreme that his boss came to see me about a year later and said: “I do not know what you did to that man, but I want the same!! He is simply transformed!” Not only did Tim lose weight, he became excited about all aspects of his life!

Health & Vitality

a 2-week foundational naturopathic online program created for you, run by me.

I am creating a community of 25 participants, and I will guide you to optimise your health with daily guidance and live interactive support.

Take back control and reboot your health with this supportive and guided naturopathic program.

You will achieve a vibrant state of wellness, begin to rediscover the energy levels of your 20s, and learn a lot about how to independently manage and maintain your newly rediscovered vitality.

How is this possible? With my 3-pronged approach using:

A Nature’s goodness through whole foods and supplements

Tools and step-by-step instructions that I have specially designed for you to integrate all three pillars of naturopathy into your life
Lots of interactive support

You will fall in love with knowing how to optimise your health.

BONUS: you will also move significantly closer to your ideal weight, if that’s what you need

This is a limited participation program (maximum 25 people) – so I can support each one of you in the group – and it is packed with my insights and understanding of what you need to achieve your wellness goals and how to support you through the challenges and pitfalls.

This program is for you if:

You are looking for practical and doable solutions that you can use for the rest of your life

You want to make big changes to how you eat and look after yourself

You want a lot of support along the way
You want to start using supplements efficiently and effectively as a way to boost your gut health renewal, metabolism, mental clarity and overall energy levels

And, you are a first time client and wish to:

Feel significantly better within two weeks (or less!)
Learn all about the natural approach to optimal wellness
Increase your success in optimising your wellness now and forever
Tackle head-on the problems that hold you back from success

Understand why you aren’t feeling optimal

Use a natural approach for dealing with existing minor health issues

Adopt a way of eating and lifestyle that will help you prevent any future health issues

Recapture the energy and vibrancy of your 20s

Feel supported and guided along the process

Learn the basics of how to manage your health yourself forever

Manage your weight: lose stubborn weight or put on needed weight

Or, you are already a client (nice to see you!) and:

You need a reboot! You want that amazing energy you felt after we worked together before

You fell off track and are looking for a daily support and guidance to get back on

You haven’t worked with me for a number of years – time to come back and see how I can help you now

You need to know:

I’m going to challenge you to commit to trying out some profound changes. You must be mentally ready for this in order to succeed.

The changes aren’t necessarily permanent. For now, just think of it as a bite-sized 14 day challenge — and be prepared for some exciting results!

It’s so important that you don’t fear the changes. You can do anything for 14 days! I have tools and information that will help and motivate you. Even better, I have delicious recipes that take 10 minutes to prepare and are totally delicious.

I will be there to support you along the way AND you will be part of a community of 25 participants all doing the same thing. This will be incredibly motivating and comforting.

The changes include:

Avoiding certain common inflammatory and hormone disrupting foods

Exercising regularly

Meditating and carving time out for yourself, to make you feel good

Cooking from scratch

What you will get:

Assessment of your state of health based on a questionnaire that you will receive once you sign up

Summary of your state of health, including your weak and strong systems, which we will address in the program

Daily information – via videos and PDFs – and tools for knowing exactly what is a lifestyle based on natural foods and supplements and what is good and not good for you individually.

Supplements list and plan

List of foods to avoid

Meal plan and shopping list

Lifestyle practices and plan

Two 90 minute Zoom video meetings with the group where I will address one topic and also take questions and share coping strategies. Topics will be:
         – the basics
         – practicals: in the kitchen in real busy life
         – personalisation
         – how to move on from here

Facebook support group

Four Facebook live sessions where I will help you deal with challenges you’re experiencing

How it works

You will become part of a community of 25 people with the same desire and goal as you : rediscovering your vitality and getting better. I will work with each of you and together we will create a supportive and encouraging bubble for 14 days of optimal living.

Signing up timing and pricing:

      • Program enrolment opens on “date”
      • Early bird: last day for signing up is “date”, and your cost is 550 euros (including your supplements)
      • Regular pricing: last “date”, and your cost is 700 euros (including your supplements)

The day after enrolment closes, “date”, you will receive your Health & Vitality initial package. This includes:

      • Your health questionnaire
      •  A video explaining the program
      • An explanation of how to take a photo of you iris so I can study it
      • Shopping list
      • Kitchen equipment list
      •  Menu for day 1 and 2 so you have time to prepare
The program begins on « date », 10 days after enrolment closes. I use these 10 days to:

      •  analyse your health questionnaires
      •  do your iridology assessments
      • Complète your personalised health assessment
      •  Prépare your supplement order

      This will be the last day of the money back guarantee

Some concerns you may have:

I want to do this, but I am afraid I won’t get enough support as part of a group.

This concern was on my mind as I planned this program. I surveyed my past clients, and support came up as the number 1 wish! They felt lonely sometimes, like they had begun a journey on their own. My solutions:

Facebook group for the community. You will be able to support each other on a continual basis, sharing your challenges and solutions with each other.

I will be checking in on the group from time to time and, even better, I will be holding regular Facebook Lives so we can be in regular contact, plus

You will be given step-by-step guidance with the daily tools and resources, and

Zoom meetings will ensure community and individual support. Support is integral to this program.

Why is there so much reliance on supplements? Can’t eating healthy food just be enough?

This is a very good question and one I often get. We will address it thoroughly in the program . For now, unfortunately healthy food is not enough!

Even once you get back into your “real” balance, even the best food simply does not contain nearly as much nutrients as we need.

We are bombarded with pesticides, additives, colorants and other chemicals from the water and air that are thieves for our minerals and vitamins.

And finally, our level of stress in today’s modern world is so high that it completely changes the chemical structure in our bodies. This is why one of the first supplements you will receive is a plant that protects your body from stress.

I’m afraid to try to make big changes and then feel hungry and have cravings on top of my regular daily stresses.

This is a very good question and one I often get. We will address it thoroughly in the program . For now, unfortunately healthy food is not enough!

simon’s story

When Simon came to see me he was dragging himself through life, working overtime, drinking very frequently, and in a general state of lethargy. At 52 years old and 1.8 m tall, he weighed 97 kilos and needed to lose 20. Some of my clients take time to implement my programs and some, like Simon, whizz through, applying everything to the letter.

In less than 3 months, Simon was down to 77 kilos and was absolutely transformed. He told me he had not felt so good since he was 20: the buzzing energy, fantastic libido, so excited to be alive. As he put it so simply: He was constantly on fire!

I also invited him to one of my first talks and he shared an anecdote with the audience, that was news to me. – Before he came to see me, he saw a dermatologist for a strange looking mark, which she diagnosed as precancerous . Within 6 weeks of the program, the mark had completely disappeared.. He swears by the benefits of drinking kombucha daily!

anna’s story

Anna, mother of a cherished 18 month old girl thought this should be the happiest time of her life. Instead, she was tired, worn out, and totally lacking energy.Her hair had never looked worse, her nails were brittle and breaking. Anna had had a difficult pregnancy during which she gained 20 kilos. Though she had managed to lose 10 kilos and even though she tried everything from working out to different diets, those last 10 kilos were depressingly stubborn. And, she hated how sluggish and blah they made her feel.

Even before the end of her 6 week program, so many of her friends started booking with me. Anna was glowing! She felt that never in her life had she looked better, thrilled that her friends were stopping her on the street and asking her: « What are you doing!? You look amazing! And, the glow in your eyes, we have never seen you like this. » Anna became one of my best advocates.

She came to see me to prepare for her next pregnancy, which was so different from the first one. She looked and felt like the pregnant women you see only in the magazines! The highlight for me was when she told me: « Dejana you will not believe me, but at 8 months pregnant I felt like I could run a marathon! » Today she has 3 children, a very successful business and still looks and feels amazing! She swears by my bone broth.


Free Physioscan assessment

This is an amazingly effective quick and easy assessment of your stress level and the adaptive capacities of your organs, tissues and cells. My Physioscan tool allows me, in just a few minutes, to obtain precise information on the state of all the systems of your human body: endocrine, nervous, bone, digestive, and lymphatic systems. Using the comparative assessment function I am also able to monitor your progress over time.


Making raw food fun & delicious with Dejana

Vibrations in our bodies and our food are the key to our vitality. The higher the frequency of vibrations, the healthier and more vibrant we are. Fresh, raw & organic food has the best ability to increase the frequency of those good vibrations in our bodies.

In this recipe book I show you that preparing and eating raw food is fun and delicious! Here you will find the recipes I have been developing and devouring for over 10 years


You can change your mind up until [date], which is 2 days after enrollment closes. This gives you 48 hours to change your mind.. If you change your mind by [date] you will get a full refund.

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