A little bit is good for you

A little bit of this is really useful in some situations, but you definitely do not want to have much of this, let alone have it every day !

What am I talking about ??

I am talking about stress.

Last, but definitely not the least on the list of My Seven Essentials to achieve thriving health naturally, 

Stress has a monumental impact on your health and stress hormones can directly impact your genes and create disease.  

This is a scientific fact

It’s not all bad news, though. Although stress is an unavoidable life reality, we can manage its impacts

What does this mean for you?

You can  help it glide right over you, diminish its physical impact rather than let it hit you full blast. It really is this simple.  Before I tell you how you can do this, let me tell you a bit more on:

Stress starts off as a feeling, and is your body’s response to anything that requires your attention or action.  We’re all familiar with this type of situation: bad news, a rude person, a sick child, an upsetting phone call. Stress is your body’s way of making us alert and ready.

It happens when you encounter something your brain perceives as a threat. You do not necessarily need to BE physically in danger.

Did you know that …?
You can turn on the stress response by thought alone ?

⏩ This basically means that your thoughts can make you sick!  

When this happens, the hypothalamus, the chief of hormones, sets off an alarm in your body.   This causes a surge of hormones, including adrenalineand cortisol.

These are behind-the-scenes, disease-causing impacts of adrenaline and cortisol.

On top of that,  normal and necessary functions of your body  are turned off.  Digestion, growth and reproduction are all included. They are treated as “non-essential” while your body deals with the perceived threat…caused by your thoughts!

This reaction is called the stress response. The stress response is a totally natural reaction to real threats.

You don’t want to change that. 

What you do want to change is how your body reacts to the stressful thoughts in your head that have no need for a stress response!


Like everything else, it’s a question of balance.

Think of it as a guitar string. Too little tension, it’s out of tune. Too much tension, and it’ll snap. 

A little bit of stress here and there is actually a good thing.  It sharpens Your mind, makes You perform better, reach Your goals quicker and makes You more ready for unpredictable situations.


When the body has gone through this unpredictable tense situation called stress, it needs a period of time equally long so all these mechanisms that have been put into place (increased blood flow, energy, blocked digestion, production of steroid hormones…) can come back to normal

If you think of an elastic that has been stretched for a short time, it needs to go back to its original position.

The actual problem is when these unpredictable situations become chronic or when it is repeated  within a short interval of time.  The elastic has been stretched one too many times and it will not go back to normal.  And this is when trouble starts.


  1. Adrenal fatigue or a more pronounced form of it that we call”burnout”
  2. One of the two main axis: hypothalamus – pituitary gland – adrenalsgoes out of balance and we become more sensitive to stress and end up going in a vicious circle of stress and burnouts
  3. In terms of energy and vibrations, Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about the“incoherence between the brain and the heart ” – as an underlying cause of ALL health problem


Absolutely YES!
This is the good news. You can fix it! It’s called stress management. Next newsletter will be all about this.

Just as thoughts can make you sick, thoughts can make you well also !

Remember, if you are on a health quest but your level of stress is very high, before you do anything else (change your diet, start exercising, change your lifestyle habits..) my advice to you is: manage your stress first.  Implementing changes into your life while your stress levels are high is close to mission impossible!

Changing how stress affects you is relatively easy, trust me, and read my next newsletter to see how.

Let me know how is your level of stress?  Do you manage to keep it to a minimum? Or do your need some help? If you do, stay tuned.

Until then,

Love & light, Dejana ✨

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