My favourite thing about my work is when this happens:

“Dear Dejana,

Maggie and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the incredible protocol you recommended for our son because his condition has significantly improved since we started the plan.

The supplements and bone broth have been particularly instrumental in markedly improving his severe eczema (his skin has cleared greatly). We can never thank you enough for your valuable wisdom… . We will definitely continue to keep you posted on his progress.”

This is why I do what I do: the results!

Emails like this are not only a jolt of happiness. They remind me how incredibly significant and quick the results can be when one of my personalised plans are put into action.

You are here for reasons that are personal to you. You wonder what it would be like to have your own personalised holistic assessment and plan.

You’re in the right place.

I have solutions for you if you:

Are ready to rediscover the health and vitality of your youth
Have persistent minor health concerns that you’ve been doing your best to ignore
Have more serious chronic health concerns and would like to include naturopathic solutions in your health plan

 I work with clients to bring them back into whole body balance and to enable them to be the managers of their own health for life.

Do you remember a time when you would wake up in the morning feeling pure happiness and buzzing energy, feeling fully present, having no pain, and being satisfied?

For most of you this answer is probably “no, not since my 20s”. 

Work with me to bring back these feelings.

What to know about working with me:

I will give you a health plan that will give you a clear method, with tools to guide you through the process of regaining and maintaining your health, your radiance, and your vitality.

We will work together in total confidence; you will be heard and not judged. I care. I love healing people. I want to succeed with every single client.

You will have my full support and the feeling that you are not alone in your quest for optimum health.
You will come out radiating, full of energy, and feeling better

What you are ready to commit to:


Significant change in your eating and lifestyle habits.


Putting time and effort – fully supported by me – into:

Educating yourself using the information I will provide
Cooking from scratch
Cutting out alcohol and refined grains and sugars, for a fixed period of time
Exercising regularly 

Being kind and tolerant with yourself and accepting that there is no “quick fix” plan. Our work together is a process that takes commitment and effort, and will take you towards a healthier and happier you
Accepting that you are not perfect and that sometimes you will take a few steps backwards, and this is OK as long as you keep moving forward
Entering into a trusting relationship with me. Allowing me to guide you through this process

If you’re still with me, this is how it goes:

Online Programs

Take that discipline and effort you put into Ramadan Fasting and take it to the next level. This program takes all the thinking and planning off your shoulders so you can concentrate on your detox.  

Worried about all the people getting sick around you? Download my free program for boosting your immunity – and give your health a boost at the same time!

Private Consultations

Work with me one-to-one to identify and assess your state of health and receive an in-depth personalized protocol to achieve a specific health goal. This is a way for the self-motivated to kick-start or reboot a health plan to achieve optimal vitality.

Vitality and Healing Program

You have a complex or serious health problem such as chronic fatigue, obesity, lyme disease, cancer, diabetes, lupus, or other autoimmune condition. You’re looking to find your way to healing and you’d like to include a naturopathic approach in your plan. Welcome to my one-to-one program just for you.

Mini Consultations

Explore specific health issues or goals in more detail with me or have a follow up check up. These mini-consultations are for existing clients who have completed a program or protocol with me.

Consultations in France

Work with me online to identify and assess your state of health and or achieve a specific health goal.  This is a way for the self-motivated to bring their body into balance and  achieve optimal vitality.

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